Be sure to set a banking limit so that you can enjoy your winnings, the viking recommends that you spend them wisely. Possibly on something good to drink such as mead or beer!

Bet beer

Did you know that some bookmakers such as Unibet, Bet365, Betfair and Meridianbet let you cashout your winnings early?


This means that you can close your active bets while they´re in place for a portion of the winnings. This is usually a good thing to consider when you´re playing parlays.


You can do this at other bookmakers to by betting on the opposite result, if you´re winning that is.

"Keeping a spreadsheet is great for bankroll management!"

This is one of the first tips that the experts will give you if you ask them for gambling advice, a spreadsheet with all of your bets will help you to recognize both your winning and loosing patterns. What bets you win on and what bets you lose on, with this information you can identify what you are good at capping and what strategies that works for you.


Creating a spreadsheet can seem like a great hassle but it is as simple as just creating an excell sheet (if you dont have Microsoft Office then look for OpenOffice, it´s almost the same and it´s free). Make a tab for the value (in units), a tab for the date, a tab for the odds, a tab for the teams/players, a tab for the sport and a tab if the game was a win or lose. Keep a separate sheet for parlays to help you with organizing your different bets.


In addition to your spreadsheet you can keep a sports betting diary, in doing so you can get feedback on all of your bets, and you can also post them before betting to get feedback from other gamblers. This way you can make sure that your bet is the correct one and it will help you in avoiding bad bets.


Keeping both of these tools updated with all of your bets is also almost as fun as analyzing the game and watching it live, it makes for a second element to sports betting!

What are "units" in sportsbetting? And what´s the best way to implement it to a working strategy:

When gamblers speak about units it´s simply what the standard value of your bets are, the value of a unit is based on your bankroll size and as such it will differ from player to player. In the previous example where we said that your limit is 500€/month a good value for your units would be 2-4% of that size (you can of course alter this depending on your prefered odds-size, this example is for odds ranging from 1.5-3.0), which would be 10€-20€ per bet. A succesfull gambler will always look for volume wether you´re counting cards in blackjack, playing poker or betting on sports. The above mentioned strategy in conjunction to what´s been mentioned earlier is what the viking would recommened as the best starting strategy and if you aren't interested in special bets (such as betting big amounts on low odds games) then it could sustain you for as long as you wish.


When you are betting on bankers (The viking posts some great bankers in our bankers of the week category) be sure to adjust your betsize to fit the banker, just adjust your units to the lower odds. An easy way of doing this is calculating how much you need to bet to win the same amount as you would for a 2.0 odds bet (or what your average odds size is). This goes the same way when betting on underdogs, just adjust the betsize to the bet.


Be sure to set a banking limit in accordance to you bankroll, a good benchmark is if your bankroll has grown with 50% in units then bank that (withdraw it) and start over from your original bankroll amount.

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Using bonuses to get extra value for your bankroll

The final strategy that we will learn you is the utilization of bonuses to get that extra edge in your sports betting. Each bonus has different terms so first of all you need to read through them carefully. If you take a % bonus then you can proceed as you normally would and if you take a freebet bonus be sure to take the full amount so that you get 100% value from it. In the viking's experience all sports bonuses are +EV so use them to their full extent.


Building a really big bankroll is quite easy if you use every sports bonus that you can find and follow what you´ve learnt here. Be sure to bank it when you have wagered through the bonus so that you can proceed to the next one. The viking strongly recommends using a netwallet when doing this as it will help you immensly.


If you want a risk-free way of making money from sports betting then you should check out bonustrading, matched betting and surebetting. You can read more about those topics at our surebetting page.

Bankroll management what is it and why do we need it?

Every serious and hobby gambler have a bankroll, basicly it´s the funds that you use for gambling. As such bankroll management is how you manage those funds to make them grow (or shrink). To keep a steady growth of your bankroll and to avoid it shrinking you need to know the basics of managing it. This comes hand in hand with various strategies on how to gamble and the best way to manage your bankroll is to stick with one strategy and adjust your BRM (Bankroll management) after it. Good bankroll management is also the key to avoid getting problems from gambling which can affect your personal life. Gambling can go downhill very fast but with the correct BRM from the start it´s a fun hobby and a nice way of making a second income.

Bet professor

Lending money to fund your bankroll can have serious consequences for your personal life. Only bet with what you can afford, that way it´s always great fun!

The Secrets to keeping your bankroll afloat

There are several different ways of sustaining your bankroll and keeping it seperated from your ordinary funds, the fundamental key to doing so is to set up a monthly or weekly deposit limit for yourself. For example: You can afford 500€ a month (and want to play with that amount), then you can either deposit 500€ 1 time a month or split it up in smaller pieces to take advantage of more bonus offers.


The advantage of depositing in this manner is that you get a clear overview of how much you play for both monthly and yearly. It helps you in staying clear of problems often associated with gambling and it makes the hobby much more enjoyable. If you ask any professinal gambler (people gambling as their fulltime job) they will tell you that BRM is the key to success in this business. This also helps you to stay away from luccrative but bad bets, which in the end decimates your bankroll. The viking always recommend that you take a "cool-off" period after a loosing streak, unfortunately even with good BRM those periods comes naturally from time to time. During your loosing streaks it´s imminent that you stay strong and follow your budget since ultimately that´s what will determine if you are a long term winner.


Now following these advices will help you in sustaining sports betting in your personal life (it will only have good consequences) but how do you sustain your bankroll in the sports betting world?


First of all: Think through every bet you make, first take leans on various bets (preferably check upcoming games on sportpages so that you dont see the odds), when you see something you like then think of the scenarios; What is likely to happen in THIS game. who will win, do the teams score a lot, etc. After you´ve done this and have gotten a couple of good possible bets then research them, take at least 15 minutes to go through injuries, last games, shape, head to head stats and read interviews/articles on sportpages. The reason why we emphasis sportpages and not prediction sites like Bettingviking is because we dont want to see the odds quite yet. After you´ve read through all this for the bets that you want to play THEN go search for predictions on forums (such as the vikinglounge, where lagervikingen constantly delivers winning picks) or on sports prediction sites such as our sportsblog.


Now, one could argue that you can jump to the last stage of this process straight away and just bet based on predictions and while this is true (if a sports betting site or forummember constantly delivers +EV in the long haul then you will go + if you just bet with them), it takes away a lot from the betting and it could make you bet blindly based on predictions which can turn very ugly, very fast.


If you are in a hurry and want to bet on the nights games but dont have the time to do the read ups, then take leans and do the research then you can consider only reading sports betting predictions, we constantly deliver previews and predictions which are easy to follow on our sportsblog. But it´s always best to do your own research aswell.

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In light of this we have compiled a special article where we've previewed all the teams and posted our predictions on how the group stages will end and potential winners of the 16/17 season. Check out our Champions league 16/17 preview & predictions here.

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