This is a short video showcasing one of the most popular teams in the game "League of Legends", giving you a quick insight of what these players have accomplished and why you can trust that the teams will always try to perform.


Since the teams live together and practice side by side everyday this forms a unique bond which cant be found in any other sport. This on the other hand puts a lot of mental stress and pressure on the players, this can be used to your advantage when betting on these markets. The viking will explain later how you can do this.


Not only the players live in these facilities but often also the coach and in this instance the owner aswell, making the house their home, office and training ground.


The housetour in this video is being held by one of Esports greatest names "TheOddOne" who is a former player in the team "Team Solo Mid". They´re one of the top tier teams in America and a good underdog bet as they seem to rise to the occasion.


Granted they also throw away easier games by trying new things and loosing focus. This kind of information is what you should use to your advantage when betting on Esports, dominant teams will often tryout new strategies which might both fail or give them and easy victory. With odds


What games are available for betting?

The following games are what you can bet on at the moment:

Bet on league of legends
Bet on Hearthstone
Bet on starcraft 2

Fun Facts about E-Sport

  • The worlds most famous lanparty is called dreamhack and is held every year in sweden


  • The dota 2 tournament "the international" had 2015 a prizepool of astonishing $18,429,613


  • The average viewing time on the streaming platform Twitch is 28 minutes per viewer


  • Hearthstone can be played on your mobile device which means that E-sport doesnt necessarily require a computer

Did you know that Matchbook among others offers Livebetting on E-Sports?

Bet on dota 2
Bet on Counter Strike

So how do I cap E-Sport games and what are the most important things to consider before betting on E-Sport?


When you´re betting on E-Sport matches start by doing the same things that you would on any other sport;


  • Read up on the game that you´re going to bet on, as with normal sports you will have a great advantage if you play the game yourself. This could be a great time to start your gaming career.


  • Check the latest games for both teams, this can quickly be done with some easy searches on google. The match history will also feature several important statitistics which you can compare teamwise and individually for each position (in team games)


  • Read up on the latest news about the teams, use both E-Sport news sites and forums such as reddit. E-Sports doesnt feature injuries very often but as in the NBA E-Sports is where individual stars shine and a star player having a weak period could be something which you might need to consider before placing your bets.


  • Most players will stream their training sessions on websites such as Twitch, use the star players streams to look for irregularities in their performance and in their overall health.


  • Underdogs usually have great value on them, the teamwork factor in E-Sport is often overlooked.


  • Check around on Twitter and Facebook for possible trashtalk between the teams. As most players are in their twenties trashtalk are taken personally and could effect the performance of an entire team (in both good and bad ways)


  • Some of the teams have reality shows based around their careers, watch the latest episode if your betting on a team which has one. This can be used to discover cracks in the teams and to check for players in bad health
LoL finals

Matchfixing and cheating in E-Sport:


One of the things that worries people the most when they´re looking into the E-Sport betting market is matchfixing. As you might have concluded allready the market is big and new with enormoues potential for profit which also means that people will and have tried to take advantage of it. One of the most famous cases in the E-Sport world is the AHQ case were the coach tried (and succeeded) to pressure his players to throw games in order for him to make a good profit betting against his team. This was all exposed by the player "Promise" when he tried to commit suicide. You can read More about the case over at GosuGamers. Matchfixing in these games are as unusual as in any other sport so lay your worries a rest, the game developers and bookmakers put in even more resources due to the bad reputation that these events have on the market as a whole.


Another thing that worries gamblers about E-Sport betting is cheating. Since all of the live games are played on tournament computers which are provided by the host of the tournament, no classic cheats such as hacks or bots will ever be used. But in some cases players have been getting signals or instructions in their native language from the crowd (People will often accuse chinese teams of having informants in the crowd), a famous case of cheating was in the season 2 quarter finals of the league of legends world championship where one of the korean players was caught on screen looking at the big screen over his head and then giving instructions to his teammates,


However counter measures have been taken against these kind of things such as:


  • Having soundproof booths in tournaments and league games.


  • Providing the players with "white noise" to cancel out the crowd.


  • Using several refeeres whom have the authority to suspend teams, remake games and give penalties.


All big E-Sport games are also streamed live with viewership often exceeding 100.000 viewers which means that throwing games and cheating are very hard since the fans will not hesitate to voice their concerns.


Where to bet on E-Sport:





Bet on League of legends, Dota 2, CSGO and Starcraft 2


Bet on League of legends, Dota 2, CSGO, Hearthstone, Heroes of the storm and Starcraft 2


Bet on League of legends, Dota 2, CSGO and Starcraft 2


Bet on League of legends, Dota 2, CSGO, Hearthstone, Heroes of the storm and Starcraft 2


Bet on League of legends, Dota 2, CSGO and Starcraft 2


Bet on League of legends, Dota 2 and Starcraft 2


Bet on League of legends, Dota 2, CSGO and Starcraft 2


Bet on several League of legends and starcraft 2 leagues


Bet on League of legends, Dota 2, CSGO and Starcraft 2


Bet on League of legends, Dota 2, CS GO and starcraft 2

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E-Sport Betting

"What is E-Sport and why should I bet on it?"


E-Sport is basicly professional computer gaming, gamers are playing at such a competitive level that it can be considered a sport. Practitioners at this level will basicly practice 24/7, gaming and practicing with their teams for countless hours everyday. Some people might say that this cant be considered a real sport in the way that baseball or basketball are. But given the amount of practice, teamwork, sponsorship and the enormous fanbases involved E-Sport is by all means a real sport and something to consider when you´re looking to expand your betting to new markets.


So why on earth would you place your money on video games being played by young players living rockstar lives? Well the amount of sponsorship and streaming revenue involved are making team owners handling their teams with iron fists. Think about it yourself, sports arent for everyone and as such merchandise deals are quite limited. In esports the basics demands are that you have the best computer set-up available. We´re talking gear for 1000´s of dollars and the market is always expanding. This really is the feature of sports and companies are reaching out to new generations of kids everyday. Esport is also able to reach a wider market as everyone is as anonymous as they would like online, meaning that it doesnt matter if you´re 15 or 45, or if you´re male or female. Imagine being in your early twenties and being able to take home the same salary as a well estabilshed lawyer or doctor all from playing video games.


E-Sports is made up by a multitude of games all with their own respective leagues, one game should in other words be treated as a seperate sport, some of the games are very similiar such as Dota 2 and League of Legends (both in the MoBa category). Each category focuses on its own unique requirments such as strong teamwork, reflexes, individual skill, strategy and quick thinking. Use this information to your advantage when betting E-Sport..


A quick insight in how some of the famous players in the world of esports are living:


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The new Champions league season is upon us and with it comes a lot of interesting oppurtunities for some sports betting action.


In light of this we have compiled a special article where we've previewed all the teams and posted our predictions on how the group stages will end and potential winners of the 16/17 season. Check out our Champions league 16/17 preview & predictions here.

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