Surbetting, an introduction:


Surebetting also known as arbitrage betting is a risk free way of making money online. Surebetting takes advantage of the odds differentials of different bookmakers and allows you to bet on all outcomes of a game but you still have a profit margin. If you were to bet on all of the outcomes at one single bookmaker then you would always lose some of your intial stake, but since the odds for games aren't the same at every bookmaker we´re able to find games where you can bet on all outcomes and still be guaranteed profit by placing the bets at different bookmakers; In other words a risk free method of making money online.


Surebetting waves

The Viking´s personal explaination for surebetting:


"In the vast sea of the bookmakers, where the odds and the games could be seen as waves there is a few perfect waves, these are the sure bets. The waves move constantly and can grow high from anywhere and you have to learn how to sail on them when they are at their highest".


Surebetting has been popular for many years but in the past it has been difficult to make any significant profit from it because of several factors such as currency differences, bad softwares and miscellaneous charges when making deposits.Today, bookmakers usually don’t charge large fees on deposits made from credit cards and some companies doesn't even charge you at all. There´s even the possibility to deposit using a netwallet in order to avoid all previous fees and hassle.

For a further review of how surebetting works and what the benefits from it are, simply lean back and watch these videos.


Surebetting can be complicated to understand at first but once everything is clear, the only thing needed is focus and an analytical mind.


The basics of surebetting is explained in the first video, and a detailed demo of the surebetting software surebetpro is explained in the second video.


The most important thing in surebetting is the understanding of the mathematics behind the sure bets. Basicly the surebetting software fetches the best odds for every outcome of a selection, scanning through countless bookmakers and calculates if there´s an odds differential that you can exploit in order to get the sure bet. The software presents you with the selection, the bookmakers and the margin of profit which you can get.


If you master the art of surebetting and utilize great bankroll management, you will be rewarded very soon. Just remember to keep your determination and patience as surebetting is not as action packed as regular sports betting as there is no risk or adrenaline involved. But you will be earning risk free money with nothing more then your time and computer.

What does the bookmakers think?


A lot of people stay away from surebetting simply because they think it´s to good to be true, they think that surebetting involves breaking the law, but they´re wrong. Surebetting is completly legal and most bookmakers actually approve of it as it brings more players to their sports books. In the long run the bookmaker actually makes a small profit from the arbritrage players as they will be members at their site and as such when they want to place recreational bets or play online casino games they know where to turn.


However some bookmakers might limit your deposits or state that you broke their terms and conditions, but this is quite unusual and when this happens the best thing do is to get your stake back and just move on. To avoid any problems the best thing to do is to google the bookmaker's name and "surebetting" when signing up with them, you should also scan through their terms using ctrl+f and some surebetting related keywords.


Other useful hints for "safe" surebetting:


  • Make sure to utilize bonustrading and matched betting when signing up with new bookmakers, the bookmaker will trust you more if you´ve played with a sports bonus prior to placing a large bet.


  • Be selective with what bookmakers that you choose to sure bet on, stay updated continiously on forums so that you can read about other arbitrage player's issues. If another player have had issues with a bookmaker then chances are you might get issues with that bookmaker aswell.


  • Be selective with what games that you sure bet on, it will raise a lot more suspision if you bet 1000€ on Mitra kukar 1/X/2 than if you bet on a champions league game 1/X/2. The bigger the turn over for a game is the better it is to sure bet on that game.


  • Consider using a netwallet if you aren't already, in the viking's experience bookmakers tend to process withdrawals faster if they´re made to a netwallet.


  • Try to round out your bets, I.E: Bet 230€ instead of 234.56€. Making an exact deposit of 234.56€ and going all in with it on one selection looks very specific and will attract the bookmaker's attention, rounded numbers looks more natural and the bookmaker will treat you as an ordinary player.


  • Invest in one of the more expensive surebetting software subscriptions as they offer a larger amount of bookmakers. You can be way more selective if you´ve got 180 bookmakers to choose from instead of 40. This also helps you to spread your sure bets among more bookmakers.


  • Try to track what bookmakers that you´re winning at, if you win a lot of times at a specific bookmaker then consider dropping some normal bets. If you´re only placing winning coupons with high stakes on surebetting selections then the bookmaker might flag you as an arbitrage player and limit your account, hence using this strategy might divert some attention. Only do this at your favourite bookmakers as placing normal bets can disturb your surebetting flow and make you lose focus (and subsequently hurt your bankroll more than you inteded to).


  • Consider keeping a sure bet or two at your favourite bookmaker's, to do this you of course need a big surebetting bankroll. When you do then trach with what bookmakers that you tend to sure bet at the most. Keep some of the funds (to cover at least one sure bet) over at those bookmakers, this does not only save you time in your surebetting process but it also gives you more credibility with your favourite bookmakers which means that in the long run you´ll always have a few bookmakers where you're never limited.


Lets hear what some of the largest and most respected bookmakers on the internet has to say about surebetting:

Surebetting at Pinnacle
Surebetting Matchbook

"Unlike other bookmakers, we don't restrict or ban successful players. Winners are welcome to keep betting with us." - Pinnacle sports 2015. Pinnacle even made this short video to introduce new players to surebetting.

All of the sports betting exchanges actually welcomes arbitrage players as you´re competing with other players at the exchange and not the bookmaker. As such you will NEVER get limited at a sports betting exchange. The viking´s favourite exchanges are Matchbook and Betfair.

Are you interested in surebetting and want to get started? Click here to check out our simple 5-step guide on how to get started with surebetting.

Advanced surebetting; Middles and Polish middles:


In addition to surebetting there is also alternate forms of it that have sprung up, with which it's possible to make even more risk free money; namely middles and polish middles. The concept behind a middle bet is simple and the form itself have been around for quite a while, it's based on taking advantage of the middle point of two .5 type bets. It could be points in basketball, corners, goals and well basicly anything that involves the asian handicap line +/- and over/under 0.5.


Now that you've got some background to how a middle bet works lets make an example; We will use the champions league 1/8 between Bayern Munich and Juventus for this example, the line for over 1.5 is at 1.33 and the line for under 2.5 is 1.80. What we need to do now is to calculate how much we need to bet on each selection in order to cover up as much losses as possible should the game not end in 2 goals. For this example we would need to bet roughly 50€ on the under and 72.5€ on the over, should the game end in 2 goals then both selection will hit and we will have won 182€ which equates to 82€ in profit and should the game go over/under that then we will lose about 10€.


Grasp the concept? If not then in short, you're betting for a game to hit the middle ground of two betting selections. What surebetting software provider OddStorm have done is taking this type of sports betting strategy a step further and based an algorithm around it which scans for the best odds for across 80+ bookmakers and the results are amazing to say the least. Not only are they able to find middle bets with extremly low loss margins (we're talking in the 0.1-1% range) but also middles that are also sure bets.


With a middle sure bet not only will you have the oppurtunity to gain a 100% increase if your middle should hit but you will also be guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome. This means that you will be able to bet on middle bets with very large stakes and should they hit then you will make a large profit. Think about it for a second, the viking recommends a 1000€ bankroll for surebetting and that you go all in with that bankroll on each bet. If you hit one of the middle-bet sure bets then that's an instant 2000€+ (this is excluding the surebetting profit margin) win and a 1000€ profit, all risk free. With the potential 100% bankroll increase in mind you will understand why the small loss margin middle bets are also worth betting on, especially if they're available on some of your favourite bookmakers.


Now this brings us to polish middles which is the exact opposite to middle betting. With middle bets we're looking for a single win condition to come true, with polish middles we're looking to avoid said condition. This might make you wonder: "why on earth would I chose a polish middle where I potentially lose my bets when there are risk free middles available". Well polish middles have a much higher profit margin and in the long run you will come out with a winning edge against the bookmakers when utilizing it.


Both middles and polish middles are especially profitable if you do some research and cap some of the selections before betting. You will be able to turn a much bigger profit if you put time into finding games where the goal average for both teams are at the middle point that OddStorm's software gives you, OddStorm even tells you how big of a percentage of your prefered stake that you need to place on each selection in order to get the maximum amount of value.


The viking's bankroll and unit suggestion:


For regular middle bets then our suggestion is the same as with sure bets, a 1000€ bankroll is a good start amount and if you're only placing the surebetting middles then you can go all in on every bet. If you want to bet on the middle bets with a small loss margin then consider splitting up your bankroll into 10 units (100€/unit) so that you have a nice spread of middles for a faster hit frequency, mathematicly there's no difference in placing 1 or 10 middle bets but the more you place, the more you'll win. If you're ready to put in the time to research the bet (or by reading our awesome previews and predictions of course!) then by all means go all in or use a smaller amount of units for your bets.


When placing polish middles we suggest that you start out with a smaller bankroll in order to understand the risk factor. The viking also suggests that you split up your bankroll into a wider amount of units (think 20-30 units) so that you can hit as many as possible.


In conclusion:


Polish middles and middle bets are a nice way of maximizing your sports betting edge and earn a good amount of profit on the internets with jsut a few clicks. We recommend that you use all of our methods combined, start of with matched betting to build a bankroll then proceed to surebetting and sure bet middle bets, when you have a big enough bankroll then add polish middles to the mix and after that assess what methods you find most enjoyable and what methods brings you the biggest amount of profit.


The viking recommends OddStorm for middle betting, polish middles and surebetting. With the fastest software and the biggest profit margins in each market there is no question on what software you should chose if you're looking to makes serious money online. If you sign up on any of the links or banners listed here at Bettingviking then you can also enjoy an exclusive 1 free week deal after your first month as a subscriber by emailing their support and mentioning "Bettingviking" (Net value: free 50€), this deal is not found anywhere else on the net!

Bonustrading and matched betting:


Apart from surebetting there are two other ways of taking advantage of sports betting and the wide selection of bookmakers, these are bonustrading and matched betting. These methods allows you to always profit from the various sports bonuses and risk-free bets that the bookmakers offers. One could say that they are related to surebetting in the same way that surebetting is related to sports betting, the general principle is the same as you are looking to take advantage of the ability to choose between different bookmakers and in doing so you can exploit their promotions in order to make risk-free money on the internet.


As both of these methods rely on promotions they aren´t as consistent as surebetting, however take a look at our sports bonuses and you´ll see that there are plenty of sports bonuses and risk-free bets to make a profit from. Furthermore bookmakers offer new promotions reguraly to their depositing players so dont worry if you´re starting to run out of bonuses to profit from.


Using a betting exchange:


Both bonustrading and matched betting relies on the ability to match your selections at a sports betting exchange. A sports betting exchange allows you to make a lay bet, I.E if Barcelona faces Real Madrid a normal bet on Barcelona would mean that you win if Barcelona wins, a lay bet means that you win if Barcelona looses (regardless of if the outcome is a draw or if Real Madrid wins).


When bonustrading you would take a sports bonus from a bookmaker and then find a selection that you think is suitable for trading. Let´s say that you´ve taken a 100% sports bonus at Betsson. Now you would need to find a selection where the odds on one outcome is close to the lay bet odds or booked odds at the betting exchange, one of the most common sports betting exchanges for doing this is Betfair.


Lets combine our examples with Barcelona and Betsson and lets assume that you took the full 100% bonus up to 25€ at Betsson. In that example you would need to bet 50€ (the full bankroll on Betsson) on Barcelona and then make a lay bet on Real Madrid over at Betfair matching both the stake and the odds. If you win at Betfair then you´ve succesfully traded over your bonus to your Betfair account and made a 25€ profit (minus the comission for the bets, usually around 5%). If you win at Betsson then you just repeat this process over and over untill you´ve either wagered the bonus or untill you trade over your bankroll to the betting exchange.


Helpfull pointers:


  • Every bet means that you lose some value of your bonus to the bookmaker´s and betting exchange´s comission. As such you want to lose at the bookmaker and win at the betting exchange on your first trade.


  • Both bonustrading and matched betting can be done without a betting exchange but you will lose additional value of your promotions. Note: If you do decide to this then make sure that the bookmakers aren´t sister companies, usually the bookmakers will advertise what group (if any) they belong to in their footer.


  • It´s good to start with some of the lower value bonuses to get a grasp of how bonustrading is done and then when you´ve established a grip of the process and have a good bankroll move up to the bigger bonuses.


  • Always take full advantage of a bonus by maximizing the bonus limit. The bigger the bonus is, the bigger the profit is.


  • Consider using a netwallet in order to avoid further loss of your profits due to banking fees.


  • Check out the viking´s bonus list to maximize your profits with the best sports bonuses available. We offer over 60+ sports bonuses and promotions to get you started.


  • Finding matched bets is the hard part, simply have the sports book of the bookmaker where you took your bonus open with the a list of todays games, minimize the window and do the same with Betfair. Now start looking for a game where the odds of the lay bet is as close to your bookmaker bet as possible.







Matched betting:


Matched betting works in exactly the same way as bonustrading except the fact that you don't trade value over to the betting exchange on the first trade, instead you´re chasing value in risk-free bet and free bet offers. Typically a bookmaker will offer you these kind of promotions after you´ve placed a succesfull bet on a selection. You take advantage of this by making a lay bet at your betting exchange of choice and as such you will only lose a small percentage of your stake to comissions and gain a +EV free bet or a risk-free bet which you can profit from using the same strategy as when you trade bonuses.


Now that you know how to get these +EV promotions for a small stake lets look at how you can profit from them. Taking advantage of a free bet is easiest and as such we will start with that one. Lets use William Hill´s welcome offer for this example, after making your first 10€ bet in their sportsbook you will earn 2 x 10€ free bets. Now after the first step where you trade over the intial 10€ bet to your betting exchange you´ve spent 2€ for these free bets (10€ at the exchange and 10€ at William Hill -5% comission for both bets). At this stage we can wager the free bets using bonustrading and come out ahead. As you´ve probably figured out already matched betting to get free bets gets you smaller profit than just trading percentage bonuses but it allows you to take full advantage of every sports betting promotion available.


Lets set our sight towards the risk-free bets, these are the worst promotions to trade in terms of actual value and they´re also the hardest ones to trade. There are two different kinds of risk-free bets, the ones that you have to earn by placing a wager (see step one on how to get these ones with a small investment) and the ones that you get straight up. The bookmakers also have different rules for their risk-free bets, some have a wagering requirment on your losses, some have a wagering requirment on your winnings and some have no wagering requirment at all.


The best ones for trading are as you migh´ve guessed the ones without a wagering requirment as you will only need to trade them once. For example: You´ve earned a risk-free bet of 200€ by trading a selection between Pinnaclesports and Betfair. At this stage you would´ve spent 200€ + 200€ and lost 40€ in comission in order to get the risk-free bet. What you can do now is trade the risk-free bet with bonustrading. There is one difference to normal bonustrading as the value here lies in the fact that you get your stake (200€) back if you lose at Pinnacle which means that if you make a lay bet for 200€ then you get the winnings from the lay bet and your 200€ stake at Pinnacle back, but if you win at Pinnacle then you lose a small percentage of your stake due to comissions.


If you want you could try your luck to win at the exchange and get your stake back but if you want guaranteed profit from your trading work and the promotion then you need to alter your stake at the betting exchange to factor in your intial investment and a profit margin. For this example our intial investment was 40€ and our risk-free bet was 200€. What we can do now is "steal some value" from the risk-free bet and make a laybet for 100€. Lets look at the potential outcomes:


Outcome 1: You win at Pinnacle and your winnings would be around 400€, your total profit will be 60€ (200€ bet, 40€ investment to get the risk-free bet and a 100€ lay bet).


Outcome 2: You win at Betfair and your total winnings would be aroud 200€, your total profit will be 60€ (40€ intial investment, 200€ bet at Pinnacle returned and a 100€ lay bet).

The viking's recommended sports betting exchanges:

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