Step 2. Sign up with a surebetting software:


The first software that you should take a look at is Betbrain's free browser based surebetting service under ’tools'’ in their menu, this software is based on Betonvalue´s software and it fetches a sample selection of the sure bets from their software. Examine all the rows and what they represent, take a note of the "return" row to get an understanding of the margins that you´re going to be working with. You should also take a note on the quick updates of the sure bets, these updates happens due to the bookmakers adjusting their odds and they could possibly mean that your return will be smaller or they could nullify your return completly. It´s important to have this in mind to understand why you need to have a complete understanding of how surebetting works and why you need to have everything set up to perfection before starting with surebetting.


After you have grasped the basics of how surebetting works we recommend that you try out Rebelbetting's free test version which you can download from this link. This will give you an understanding of how "real surebetting" works, play around with their software, make a spreadsheet with an imaginary bankroll and follow a few sure bets to see the bankroll progression and to further understand the very basics of surebetting. As a beginner, a good advice is to start looking at surebetting odds with two outcomes to make the whole process easier.


Now having tried out the free surebetting softwares you might ask youself why you would need an expensive subscription, well it´s simple: free surebetting softwares have a long time delay on their services and the odds could easily have been changed during that time, the paid subscriptions also offers a wider selection of sure bets aswell as sure bets with a bigger profit margin. The subscriptions pays for themselves after your first sure bet, a standard 5% return on a 1000€ surbet will be enough for a subscription to Betonvalue.


Pinnaclesports actually actively welcomes aribtrage bettors and have jointly worked out a deal for new customers opening an account at Pinnaclesports with Rebelbetting. The Offer gives you full access to the Rebelbetting Pro subscription for free during a 14 day period, Rebelbetting Pro is Rebelbettings most advanced subscription and it includes all features aswell as no time delays on sure bets.



Sign up offers



Betonvalue offers 3 subscriptions; Advanced, Expert and SureBet Pro


Rebelbetting's subscriptions consists of a 1 week, 1 month, 6 months or a 1 year subscription. they offer a 2 week free trial subscription when signing up with Pinnaclesports. A free test version is also available.


The viking offers a unique 1 free week extra deal after your first month, simply email OddStorm mentioning that you registered through us.

betonvalue arbitrage betting software
rebelbetting arbitrage betting software
OddStorm surebetting

Step 3. Sign up with a netwallet:


This step is important because of the fact that some bookmakers charges you with a deposit fee when using your credit card or bank transfer as your transaction method, this will lower your profit margin and could potentially delay your withdrawals. Since you tie up your whole bankroll when surebetting a delayed withdrawal will also delay future sure bets. It’s easy to check with your bookmaker first if there is a deposit fee from your prefered transaction method but by using Moneybookers or Netteller which are the two biggest netwallets on the market you will be able to make transfer safely and free of charge. You will also have a bigger banking privacy by using netwallets, for more information about netwallets make sure to read our guide on the topic.

the largest and most respected netwallets on the web:

netellet w-wallet surebetting
moneybookers w-wallet surebetting

Note: Make sure to use the same email adress at your netwallet that you register at the bookmakers with to avoid unnecessary issues when withdrawing your surebetting profits.

Step 4. Open as many bookmaker account as possible:


Before you get started with your surebetting you need to sign up with as many legitimate bookmakers as possible. Create a spreadsheet with all of your log-in details to the bookmakers which you keep easily accessible so that you can export all your log in information into one place and access it quickly, signing up with a bookmaker on the fly or forgetting your log-in information takes to much time and that time can cost you greatly.


It sounds like a hard job but it is a one time project and will give you quick access to all of the surebets which will be listed by the arbitrage betting software. This step is best done in conjuction with bonustrading as that will ease your deposit and withdrawal process, earning you quite a few bucks in the process.

Bet365 surebetting
Marathonbet surebetting
Nordicbet surebetting
Meridianbet surebetting
Pinnaclesports surebetting
Betfair surebetting
Matchbook surebetting
Guts surebetting
Netbet surebetting

The vikings list of trusted bookmakers for surebetting to get you started:

Coral surebetting
Betsson surebetting
18Bet surebetting
Betadria surebetting
Totesport surebetting
Unibet surebetting
888 surebetting
ComeOn surebetting
sportingbet surebetting
Intertops surebetting
5Dimes surebetting
Ladbrokes surebetting
Paf surebetting
Tonybet surebetting
24hbet surebetting
Goldbet surebetting
Titanbet surebetting
Betsafe surebetting
Bet at home surebetting
Triobet surebetting
Betfred surebetting
William Hill surebetting
SBO surebetting
Betdaq surebetting
Bodog surebetting
Favbet surebetting
10Bet surebetting
Mybet surebetting
Doxxbet surebetting
sportsinteraction surebetting
Expekt surebetting
Bwin surebetting
Redbet surebetting
Noxwin surebetting
Dafabet surebetting
Betrally surebetting
Betonline surebetting
Winmasters surebetting
Whitebet surebetting
Smarkets surebetting
Cashpoint surebetting
1bet2 surebetting
Superlenny surebetting
Jetbull surebetting
Lsbet surebetting
Youwin surebetting

Step 5. Get started with your surebetting:


Once you have everything set up, starting your first surebetting session is easy. All you need to do now is start your surebetting software which you should allready be familiar with. Select a sure bet that you find interesting, possibly based on profit margin or on which bookmaker that you prefer. What you need to do now is determine how much to bet; the easiest way to calculate this is using this simple formula, the example below is based on a bankroll of the recommended amount 1000€ and a profit margin of 3.3% (from 2.05 and 2.08 odds):


First add the 3.3% to 1000 which gives you 1033, then divide 1033 with the odds of the selections in the sure bet to find out how much you have to bet at each bookmaker. In this example the odds on the first outcome of the fixture at bookmaker number one is 2.05 and the odds on the second outcome of the same fixture at bookmaker number two is 2.08 here you would have to bet 1033 / 2.05 = 5.902439 on the first outcome and 1000 / 2.08 = 496.634615 on the second outcome. Your total deposits will be 503.902439€ + 496.634615€ = 1000€ and your total winnings will be 1033€ whatever happens in the game. Note: Some surebetting softwares such as Rebelbetting offers the feature to do this stage directly in the software, however most of the softwares don´t.


Placing your sure bets:


Open the two announced bookmakers in two separate windows in your web browser and log in with the information from your spread sheet, make sure that the odds haven't changed (this is very important), if the odds haven't changed then deposit the calculated amount to your accounts. Place the coupon with the largest stake first because it could be a risk that this bookmaker doesn't have enough turnover on the event to match your stake, which means that your stake could be limited. If its an almost equal stake for both bookmakers, then start by placing the bet in the bookmakers which has the smallest turnover.


The smaller bookmakers will always have the smallest turnover on the events so if they accept your bet, the larger bookmaker will aswell. To quickly determine which bookmaker is the smallest simply query google with the names of the bookmakers, the one with the least search results will be the smaller one, I.E: searching for "Betsson" on google returns 6 140 000 results and searching for 10bet returns 931 000 results, in this scenario you would place your bet on 10bet first.


If your sure bet is accepted by the first bookmaker, then quickly place the second bet on the second outcome at the larger bookie. Now you're done and the only thing for you to do now is to sit back and check with which bookmaker you can withdraw your winnings.


Bettingviking surebetting guide

Step 1. Build a surebetting bankroll and learning to manage that bankroll:


Before you start building a bankroll you need to read our bankroll management guide so that you dont fall into one of the traps when dealing with a large bankroll, make a plan with rules for yourself when you´re building the bankroll and then make a new plan for when you start with your surebetting. First lets make one thing clear; surebetting is not sports betting, it´s an advantage player strategy to exploit odds differentials. And second: make sure to never break any of the rules that you set for yourself, treat your surebetting and bankroll building as a job; you wouldnt steal from the counters to make a compulsory livebet if you worked in a grocery store would you?


Now that you´ve grasped the basics of bankroll management and learned what mindset that you will need to have lets get started.

The viking recommends that you start your arbitrage betting with a bankroll of atleast 1000€ as surebetting is all about exploiting the small

margins in the odds differentials of two bookmakers, this means that if you sure bet with a small bankroll the profits will be small aswell. The easiest way to get started is to just deposit 1000€ into your netwallet and be done with it.


But if you dont have or want to "risk" the 1000€ to get started then dont worry; The viking has several strategies on how to safely build a surebetting bankroll. The traditional tactic is to bet your way to the 1000€ with the help of our sportbonuses and with the tactics listed on our sports betting page. Another safer way is to take advantage of bonustrading and matched betting, bonustrading should guarantee you at least 2000€ in profit with a 100€ starting bankroll. Click here to check out our great guide on how bonustrading and matched betting works.


A common question when planing a surebetting bankroll is when do you bank the profits? Well it´s all up to you but a basic strategy is to go all in untill you double your starting bankroll. At that point simply bank the profits and start over from the starting bankroll amount, this way your surebetting will have paid of itself and you can start enjoying it as a hobby. You could also use your profits to build a second surebetting bankrol or to expand your current bankroll in order to place more or bigger sure bets and make even larger profits from surebetting.

The viking's 5-stepguide on how to get started with surebetting:


After reading our introduction to surebetting we´re sure that you´re ready to start and with this in mind we put together this helpfull surebetting guide. Surebetting is a great way of making money risk-free on the internet however starting out with surebetting is easier said than done as there are several things that you need to consider and avoid in order to make a profit from it. Knowing and following these steps before starting with surebetting is crucial as one small mistake could lower your profits or even cost you your whole surebetting bankroll.

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