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BetUP review

Review of BetUP from Unibet

BetUP from Unibet review:

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In this article we here at Bettingviking will review BetUp which is a new and innovative betting form that Unibet has developed. Players buy in on matches to try and predict the outcome of certain events during the game. BetUP is available on both the desktop version of Unibet aswell as in a stand a lone app for your phone, this means that you can buy in before going out to see a game and then answer the questions while watching the game live with your friends.

Tip from the viking:

Did you know that Unibet allows you to close your bets early? This means that you can cash out for a portion of your investment or winnings before the game has even finished. Try Unibet today one of the internet’s largest bookmaker and casino, founded by gamblers for gamblers

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How BetUP works:

BetUP has a buy in of 5€ for each game, however Unibet will often throw freerolls and as such users will get the opportunity to join in on the fun and win real money for free.

Each correct prediction gives you points and the players with the most points at the end of the match wins their share of the prize pool. The prize pool for an average game starts at 100€  and it’s divided among the top 8 players but as more players buy in the prizes in the pool increases and so does the amount of winners that share the pool.

Review of BetUP from UnibetBetUP is a nice tool to have in your sports betting arsenal as it lets you pratice your prediction skills and helps you practice live betting. It’s also a nice alternative if you’re betting on a budget or simply just want to be able to bet on multiple selections on a game without having to spend to much from your bankroll.

Not a member at Unibet? Sign up now and join in on the fun with BetUP.

One thing that the Bettingviking team found particularly fun about BetUP is that you can compete with other players and even your friends. Just select a match with your friends that you want to test your skills on and then go to the pub, drink and see who knows most about the teams. 


10.000€ BetUP Jackpot:

To add to the excitement Unibet is offering anyone who can predict every selection correctly on a game 10.000€ in addition to the usual prize pool. This means that a competent soccer gambler can get a 2000 times return on 5€. Predicting 15 straight events in a game requires elite knowledge and quite a bit of luck though but it’s a nice feature that  could reward you on a lucky night.

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