Welcome to the world of online casinos

Welcome to the online casino part of Bettingviking! The online casino world is enormous and vast and we here at Bettingviking hope that we can shed some light for you about the different parts of it and what to avoid. Online casino gambling is one of the biggest sources of entertainment to this date and it covers everything that you can find in a regular casino, from thousands of different slotmachines to live casino dealers who stream live roulette, blackjack and much more!

So have a peak around at our different categories, if you´re a new player then the Viking suggests that you check out our online casino dictionary list to begin with. When you´ve had a look around and feel ready to play then go ahead and check out our great selection of online casino bonuses on our casinobonus page.

In the online casino world some of the things that you can do are:

  • Play thousands of different slots from various providers.
  • Play casino games in a completely new way with tons of different benifits such as freespins, deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses.
  • Play and stream the classic casino games in a live casino environment.
  • Track statistic in the downloadable casinos and in some of the browser based casinos.
  • Try to win one of the enormous progressive jackpots.

Which are the most common online casino games providers?

There are a lot of casino games providers however the ones that you will encounter at the casinos that the viking recommends are the most trustworthy with the best paying and safe software. These are the following:

  • Play And Go
  • Net entertainment
  • Microgaming
  • Williams interactive (WMS)
  • Nyxx
  • Realtime gaming
  • PlayTech
  • Novomatic
  • EGT
  • IGT
  • Thunderkick
  • Rival gaming
  • Aristocrat
  • Cryptologic

What is a Casinobonus and how do they work?

A casinobonus can be given in a lot of different varietes; To clarify we have the no deposit offers and the deposit offers. A no deposit offer will give you a couple of spins or a couple of euros for free. A deposit bonus will give you a set % match of your deposit up to a set value.

Now dear gamblers, how can this be used to our advantage in the marvelous world of online casinos? Well first of all we have to recognize which offers that are worth taking. The first thing you want to look at is if the casino is legitimate, the casinos which you will find here are all handpicked and legitimate which means that you will never have to worry about not getting paid. If the casino that you´re going to play on isnt listed on our site then dont panic it doesnt mean that they will scam you, but we do recommend that you google the casino´s name or that you search for it on casinomeister.

Advantages of using a casino bonus:

  • Extend your playing time for free when taking advantage of a casino bonus.
  • Beat the casino in the long term and make a profit with +EV from some casino bonuses.
  • Use the free varieties of casino bonuses such as no deposit freespins or no deposit casino bonus cash to get a free chance at making a withdrawal (profit) from the casino.

Beating the bonus, What strategy does succesfull gamblers use?

First of all the most important thing when playing with any bonus is that you read through the terms/rules. This includes both the rules for the bonus itself and the general rules for the casino in question.

Now that you´ve read through all the rules, you´re ready to pick a game to play. The important thing now is to remember and to review the facts: “What is the wagering requirement”, ” What game do i play at this stage of wagering?”. This is two easy problems for the veteran gambler. The wagering requirement is often simple to check on the bonus tab or equal at the casino which you´re playing at. The second statement is part of a veteran strategy which is based on how the machines pay. Now what we´re looking for is high variance slots to build our balance at and then low variance slot to grind out the wagering requirement.

When looking for high variance slots you dont really have to look far seeing how most of them will have a max pay of several 1000 x bet.

“The catch”

Now obviously there´s a catch to all of this, and that´s called the “wagering requiremnt” which litterary means that you are required to wager your deposit + bonus x amount of times. The trick here is to play the bonus with a strategy coming in. Now if you still have some wagering to do after getting a nice hit such as the one the viking got, then what you want to do is to look for low variance slots. Those kind of machines are designed to let you go as close to +/- 0 as you can get. The vikings personal preferences for low variance slots are bloodsuckers, beach, starburst or munchkins if it´s a pure microgaming casino.

Words from the viking:

Always do a background check on the casino that you´re going to deposit on, a quick google search could save you the hassle of having to deal with incompetent support and long delays of your withdrawal. Remeber to check with the viking for the best and most trusted casinos.

Example strategies:

Every casinoplayer will have their own different strategy of how to beat a casino bonus, however there are some more common strategies that have proven to be successful:

  • Varying the line amount on a slot to adjust the variance yourself, playing a 25 line slot on 5 lines with the same bet as on 25 lines will effectively increase the variance by 5x.
  • Grinding out a single big hit on a high variance slot and then changing to a low variance slot to go +/- 0 while finishing the wagering requirement.
  • Exclusively grinding the net entertainment game “Dead or Alive”. The classic 9-line slot machine has the ability to give some extreme wins but it will take thousands of rounds making this game ideal for a casino bonus.
  • Looking for hot/cold slots, some casinos will list this information on their site. However it´s easy to figure out of a slot is hot or cold. A hot slot will give out bonuses and well paying rounds constantly. Just grind a hot machine until you get on a ~50 round cold streak, after that you should be looking at switching games.
  • Playing with large bets. This is actually considered advantage playing as some players would abuse casino bonuses and bet the total amount of the bonus in 1-5 rounds. Statisticly this is very smart but also very risky, if you do want to go with this strategy then the viking recommends that you look at our casino bonus list and read what the max bet for each bonus is. You wont win often with this strategy, but when you do win it will all be worth it.

Progressive jackpot slots, the pearls of online slots

Progressive jackpot slots are slot machines which share a progressive jackpot over all the gaming networks which offers the slot. Every manufacturer has some kind of progressive jackpot machine. The thing with these kind of machines is that the jackpots can reach such amounts that playing the slot is +EV and as such it could be seen as an investement. Some of the most famous progressive jackpot slots are The dark knight from Microgaming, Mega fortune, Mega fortune dreams, Hall of gods and Arabian Nights which are all from Netent.

The progressive jackpots can be won on any bet amount, but the chance to win the jackpot that we all dream of, increases with your bet. As such these kinds of slots fits every online casino gambler, from low rollers to high rollers.

The slot machines themself doesnt suffer to much in terms rtp to offer these kinds of jackpots and the Viking himself has had some really big wins on The dark knight and on Mega Fortune dreams all of which were non jackpot related.