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What is an online live casino?

Playing live casino online is as close to playing at a real casino as it gets. Hosts from the different casinos play out the games in real time at the casino and they stream it through cameras for you to bet on the different outcomes as they happen.

Many players prefer to play table and card games online in this manner as some players think that programs can alter the results of the game to fit the preprogrammed RTP, with the livecasino envoirnment you know that the rtp will be the same as in any given land based casino

The online live casino phenomena means that instead of going to the land casino building to play roulette, blackjack and other table/card games. You can now enjoy them from the comfort of home. No more shady people looking at you when you´re playing or blowing smoke at you. You can even enjoy online live casino games on your smartphone or tablet device on some mobile online live casinos!

Playing online live casino games with a bonus

Now the question that should be on your mind is, can you play online live casino games with a bonus? Yes in fact most casinos which offers online live casino games also tend to offer some kind of bonus to play them with. Now keep in mind that these bonuses are not to be confused with “regular” slotsbonuses. Dont start playing slots with an online live casino bonus or vice verse this will either not work or will get your bonus (and winnings) confiscated and your account banned.

For that particular reason the viking strongly recommends you to look at the terms and conditions of the bonus in question before you´re starting to play with it. If you read them through and follow them then the casino can never reject you your withdrawal after you win.

What games are typically available at an online live casino?

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • Casino Hold´em
  • Three card poker

Did you know that several casinos are even offering mobile live casinos, allowing you to play live casino games straight from your smarthphone or tablet device.

The viking recommends new users to try out this new phenomena over at Ladbrokes casino.

How often are online live casinos rigged?

One of the most common questions when making the switch from a land casino venue to an online live casino is if online live casino games can be rigged or not? Now the short answer to this is no, but to elaborate;

  • Unless you play with a systematic strategy or an online live casino bonus the house will always win in the long run.
  • Online live casinos invests millions of dollars into marketing, it surely would be a shame to waste all of that marketing money just to get an additional edge over the players.
  • Since online live casino games are streamed live rigging them would be quite difficult and possibly easy to spot.
  • Word spreads fast on the internet, an online live casino with rigged games would eventually have no players.
  • If you´re still worried check out the vikings list of trusted online live casinos at the bottom of this page.

Live casino systematic strategies, do they work?

Now many of you will have heard of this earlier, you might not have understood what the subject was but remember all those internet ads about making money online? 99% of those are about systematic strategies for playing online live casino. And most of those strategies are either the Martin Gale tactic or adapted strategies built around the Martin Gale tactic.

Yes the system does work and no it doesnt work:

Now this might sound weird but keep on reading as I explain why the Martin Gale system works and doesnt work at the same time. First just to clarify: The Martin Gale system is a roulette advantage startegy which is built on being able to bet on red and black (or any other selections with a 50/50 outcome). The strategy is simple; you bet a set amount on one of the colors and if you lose, then you just double your bet and if you win you will cover your losses aswell as winning some profit

I.E Lets say that your starting bet is 1€ and you´re betting on red, the first ball lands on black which means that your next bet will be 2€ (double the bet). Now the ball lands on red and you win 4€ which means that you´ve betted 3€ and won 4€ which equals to 1€ in profit.

Now there is some catches to this (or else everyone would do it all the time), first of all the chances of hitting each color isnt 50% because of the 0 which has its own color. And the second catch: The ball isnt programmed and can hit streaks of over 20 times of the same color, as you might relaize this can quickly turn into bets of 20€+ for a 1€ profit.

This means that in order to really profit safely from this then you need to have a large amount of cash to back yourself up (in order to keep covering losses) and you need to limit your starting bet to being relatively small as most casinos will have a max bet rule on roulette games (The viking recommends that you check each casinos terms for this as the max bet rule can be quite different depending on which casino you´re playing with), however this rule is mostly to keep the high rollers in check so grinding martin gale on lower bets is actually quite profitable and has been proven to work most of the time (not bulletproof however as some sites might say).

The reverse martin gale, the best strategy for new online live casino players:

The martin gale system is also often played in reverse, meaning that instead of raising your bet after each loss you raise your bet after each win. This system is the best one to use for new online live casino players. By using the reverse martin gale system you will learn to manage your bankroll safely and get into a mindset of preserving your bankroll. The viking actually recommends that every gambler starts of with this strategy regardless of if you play on online live casino games, slot machines, sportsbetting or poker. In theory you would have a starting bet of lets say 1€, you bet on any given outcome (preferably on a 50/50 outcome) and if you win you now raise your bet to 2€. If you lose you repeat your 1€ bet untill you win.

The viking recommends that you have a starting bankroll of at least 50x your starting bet. This means that you will have 50 chances to climb the 100% increase ladder. As you might´ve figured out allready this strategy will increase in winnings exponentially giving you very small returns at first but then increasing the returns. I.E after 5 successful bets our return on a 1€ bet would be 32€ and after 10 successful bets our return would be 1024€!

The hardest part of playing with this online live casino strategy is to know when to stop, there really isnt any good answer to this. The only thing that you can do to help yourself from loosing all your winnings is to set up a “banking stop” where you withdraw your profits and start over with your original starting bet. This can either be achieved by constantly stopping at a set amount series and banking profit little by little (I.E starting over after 5 successful rounds) or you can aim to win for a set amount of series and then instantly withdraw.

Martin gale and reverse martin gale systems works on almost all betting:

Both the martin gale and the reverse martin gale system can be adapted to all forms of betting even though it´s best used at online live casino games where you can bet on quick 50/50 outcomes. Slot machine players uses an adaptation of the strategies but they play a larger number of rounds and ignore the individual round outcome, they would play 100-500 rounds and then decrease or double their bet depending on the total outcome of the session. A normal benchmark for increasing/decreasing while playing slot machines is after a bonus or free spins round.

The systems are also used quite frequently by online sportbettors as that market features straight up odds that can be used to adapt your play to the betting systems. However betting on a certain odds in sportsbetting isnt always optimal as the value on a bet can be very different from bet to bet, sometimes the value can be on a 1.3 bet and sometimes on a 4.0 bet. However patient and skilled sportsbetting gamblers can use the systems for even greater profits then the online live casino players as some 2.0 bets can be very overvalued and as such actually represent a much lower odds.

The viking recommends playing martin gale ONLY on smaller bets, if you do decide to try it out then look for a bonus here at our site to double your bankroll and to have a safer time. Remember to always read the terms of the bonus!

And if you see a site offering to teach you how to make big bucks online, this was the information that they were selling.