Welcome to the world of online sports betting!


Sports betting is a sport within the sports where skilled players have to possess knowledge about sports, psychology, tactics and always keep an eye open for good and valuable odds.

The Viking is always out there looking for golden odds so staying updated is crucial. If you think that you have what it takes to succeed, the first thing will be to choose a couple of bookmakers to get started, bookmakers which feels comfortable and trusted.

The most trusted bookmakers are the ones which are listed on the stockmarket because of the fact that the shareholders would drop out of the company if they misbehave. It is also important to check in which country they are licensed for example Malta and U.K are trusted places.

Make your deposit and get started but be aware of your bankroll which is the amount that you can afford to loose, a good advice from the viking himself is to not bet the whole bankroll immediatly be clever and with patience you will succeed in the long run.

A top advice is to start betting on banker odds, which is a bet based on high likelyhood of success and expectations of the player/team. They give less profit but a well choosen Banker odds usually always pay off.

Reading other peoples predictions could be a good start but your own gut feeling makes the final decision when placing the coupon, making sports betting an art where self-control, sense and timing are important.

Celebrate your winnings and never bet for “fun”, treat sports betting as a serious business. Fun is winning and feeling the sense of success, the great feeling of being able to predict the future based on your knowledge and skills.

Get started winning with any of the categories below for your sports betting edge!