Odds comparison

Odds Comparison software:

This odds comparison software find the best odds from the most respected gaming companies here by use of this free and

ready to use odds comparison software below.

Benefits of using an odds comparison software:

The odds in the betting market can differ drastically between the companies and by using the oddscomparison tool, you will get a quick and clear gaze over which bookmaker your game will generate the most profit in.

How the odds comparison tool works?

This odds comparison tool serves as a search engine where most of the bookmakers matches and events are available. How to find the best odds is now a simple process, and one of the best advantages of the odds comparison software is that you can see which companies that offers the play you wish for.

How to find the best odds from the bookmakers by using the odds comparison software?

To find the best odds is a basic rule for success as a professional player and the Viking had not survived without this ability to compare between all of the bookmakers odds. To help you in how to use the odds comparison software you just have to keep on reading

Start by entering your team, event or player in the search field at the top in the odds comparison program and press search, then you will have an overview of upcoming games, events your keyword is involved in. When you see the game or the event you are interested in, click on it and bookmakers which is offering odds on this event will be shown in a list where you get a very detailed view over the odds offered by the bookmakers on this particular event. Bookmakers and the odds are now listed and it will only be to choose the bookmaker that suits you.

How to find special bets on the odds comparison tool?

You will get the odds on the winner or 1X2 first and foremost, after searching your event in the odds comparison program. To find odds on specialty games such as handicap, over/under game for example you have to search for them in the “betting summary” just below the list of bookmakers and click on your preferred special betting option, to get the best odds on them.

To find surebets using the odds comparison tool.

The odds comparison tool has a function to list the percentage payout for the events so if the payout exceeds 100% as you can see at the bottom of the list, you will have a surebet in the list. Which companies included in the potential surebet is easy to see from the list which highlights the best odds on both of the outcomes and opponents in the game.

For more information about what arbitrage betting is and how to deal with sure betting so read our guide on how to do to earn money risk free and how to master this art named surebetting.

Odds comparison tool are available here below and is totally free for you to use and help you to succeed in your betting.

This program is provided by Betbrain.com in cooperation with the Viking, and this is easily the best and leading odds comparison software on the world market today in the Vikings opinion.