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Bettingviking and surebetting software developer OddStorm have jointly worked out an exclusive deal for new customers who sign up at OddStorm. This offer is completly unique as all new customers will have full access to the SureBetting program for an extra week after their first month. This is one of the fastest arbitrage betting software available and widely known among surebetting practitioners worldwide.


We are proud to present such an exclusive offer and if you have no knowledge of what arbitrage betting is then we suggest that you take a look at our Surebetting category for a complete guide of how surebetting works. To read the viking's full review of OddStorm click here.


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The Vikings bonus of 2016

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The vikings bonus of 2016 is from the well respected site Comeon, the viking strongly suggets that you try out their current offer which is a 100% bonus up to 25€ in the sportsbook.


The viking also has some exclusive offers for our dutch, german and swedish visitors. We recommend that you head over to our bonuspages and check out Comeons offers now!

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Some bookmakers on the online market possesses qualities out of the ordinary and stands out for certain reasons.

Marathon sportsbook

Marathonbet is known among Arbers due to their extremely high odds, quick payouts and simple design. This bookmaker is very easy to fall for and is highly recommended by the Viking

“Better to fight and fall than to live without hope”

Volsunga Saga, Chapter 12

''The Art of betting''



Our goal is to provide the safest, most reliable and most valuable odds on the sports betting market. We try to offer the best sport bonuses and casino bonuses for our visitors bankrolls to flourish. The viking provides expert betting advice, analysis, guides, tips and techniques of making as much profit as possible from the online gaming industry. Here we teach you how to win young warrior, proceed and learn how to conquer.

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‘’The non somewhat know,

who knows nothing;

of wealth many constitutes classified material as a fool.

One is rich,

the other poor,

do not set the it to load!’’


from The Havamal Book of Viking Wisdom


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Are you tired of loosing your bankroll over and over when you´re betting on sports or while at the slot machines? Dont worry we have got you covered, Welcome to the home of the viking!


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